Close-Up Men

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CAST: mikey adams

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 11/11/2002

Here is a young studmuffin “Mikey� taking a shower and getting ready for his big day in the city where anything is bound to happen if you wait long enough. Mikey is unaware that this is his day for a big happening. While showering Mikey hears an unfamiliar noise. When he steps out of the shower to investigates the noise further, he is soon overpowered by an aggressive intruder. The purpose of the intrusion is not for robbery, but this master wants a new submissive toy and he plans to make Mikey his “Slave-Boy Toy�. Mikey is new to all this so you can see that this is to be his “first time broken.� To begin the master strings Mikey up in an attic. The lessons are about to begin and Mikey is terrified. He is naked and hanging and totally under the control of his intruder. Ball weights, clothespins, flogging and man-handling are some of his master’s abuses. He is also verbally abused and totally under the intruders control. Before long Mikey is really digging this abuse and asking for more. Does this make the intruder stop? No, the Master just gives this novice more and more. Mikey is gagged and bound to a bed. He is given an awesome treatment of hot wax and then is whipped into submitting to the pleasures of bondage. As a treat for his being so obedient to his master, Mikey’s hand is released and while in bondage he jerks his dick and cums just for you.

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