Zero Vs Sticky String


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CAST: Brent Everett, Chase Dryburgh

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Matt Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 11/16/2004

Did you ever wonder where Boss Sexton gets his Hard Heroes? Well here’s a little behind the scenes 411 that will answer that question. Boss Sexton’s second-in-command is killer hot Beau Bradley. Recruited from the Can-Am stable of wrestlers, boy Beau weight trained his muscularity, gained wrestling knowledge, and fought his way into full Hard Hero status...and Boss Sexton’s “favor.” When the top secret Hard Heroes Training Facility was created, Boss Sexton’s favorite muscle hunk Beau Bradley, not surprisingly, became Head Trainer. Zero and Sticky String were among Bradley’s early trainees. Knowing all trainees don’t make the grade, they fight like hell to become a Hard Hero. ZERO vs STICKY STRING delivers barely legal trainees teen Hero Zero (Brent Everett) in purple training gear, and teen Villain Sticky String (Chase Dryburgh) in red training gear. In their audition video Sticky String catches Zero trying to rob his safe. The HH trainees engage in an exchange of their fledgling powers, each trying to subdue the other. With their new found powers evenly matched, Zero and String wrestle each other for control with their asses on the block for the winner’s cock. Sticky String wins the fight by covering Zero with his paralyzing string. Zero wakes up naked and bound in a large cage. String comes to claim his fuck. Zero’s initial resistance soon turns to forced compliance and his teen Hero butt pays the price. For the legions of fans who like their young Hard Heroes slim and beautiful, Zero and String fight and fuck for your approval. Did they earn the privelege to stay in the Hard Heroes training program? You be the judge. And now that you know about Boss Sexton’s Hard Heroes Training Facility, ask him to have Beau Bradley show you what HH trainess go thru to become a Hero, and their cadre initiation rituals. In the meantime, let the HH heroes Zero and String amuse your hero / villain fantasies.

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