Pro Sex Fight 17: Mycles Vs. Dimaggio

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Landon Mycles, Topher DiMaggio

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2015

Topher DiMaggio has been described as a living, breathing, fucking action figure, and with each title he stars in, his confidence, like his cock, grows bigger and bigger. Around the ring he struts, every angle of his flawless body a glistening example of pure and total physical perfection. In his low-cut, vibrant blue speedo the eye is constantly drawn to those deep, alluring cum gutters, just begging for a skilled tongue to worship them. Bask in the glow of powerful pecs, dexterous hands, solid arms, and that faultless face and hair.

No man can match DiMaggio in looks, but Landon Mycles might be a match for him in trash-talking. The red clad stud steps into the ring with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"I didn`t know they let girls in the ring," laughs Mycles, before the two evenly-sized studs lock up and tear into each other. Mycles goes for the neck, shoving DiMaggio into the corner, and flashing one of his greatest assets, his sparkling smile.

"You`re the one getting fucked today!" DiMaggio cries, as the two tie up again and stomp from one end of the ring to another, neither one gaining a fall. DiMaggio is surprised. He wasn`t expecting a real challenge. He tries a new tactic, snagging Mycles from behind and crushing his abdominals with raging cruelty.

"Ain`t as quick as you look, huh?" he laughs, spanking the fallen foes ass, brutalizing his package, and ordering him to stay down.

Suddenly DiMaggio is astride his opponent, taunting him with his sizable bulge, groping the hell out of Mycles cock, while Mycles fights back with savage pectoral squeezing. DiMaggio literally presses Mycles` face into the floor, while the two moan in what can only be agony or ecstasy.

Mycles remembers the pain, paying a struggling DiMaggio back with a backbreaker that leads to DiMaggio`s head locked up and his cock and balls brutalized, twisted, and tormented. Mycles grins like a schoolboy. DiMaggio cries like a bitch.

"You definitely won`t be fuckin me," Mycles boasts, as he wipes the sweat from his muscular pecs.

Ball abuse, bead scissors, nasty taunting, and an stimulating exchange of control keeps this match constantly interesting, as two ruthless combatants continuously go at it with an almost brotherly rivalry.

"Give up so I can fuck you!" one rival shouts at another.

Two tight assholes on the line. Two pendulous cocks raging for a hot, sweaty fuck. Which of these miraculous studs will win the day, and the ass, in this piercing competition of strength and skill. All the straining, fighting, trash-talking, and teasing culminates in one of the most glorious sex encounters we`ve ever shot, as each man is satisfied in a sweat-streaked explosion of showering cum.

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