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CAST: Billy Marcus, Danny Lee, Duncan Mills, Anthony Capriati,


RELEASE DATE: 10/17/2000

It`s another bodybuilder feast-for-the-eyes in Volume 3 of the best-selling Muscle Fantasies Series - WORKOUT. Not only have we brought back the sensational BILLY (MARCUS) HERRINGTON, but we managed to lure the incredibly hunky ANTHONY CAPRIATI out of his east coast retirement for a rare video appearance! If this is the first time you`ve seen Anthony, get ready to sweat! His combination of swarthy looks and bulging muscles is sure to get a bulge out of you, too. In WORKOUT, Duncan Mills is a bored private gym attendant who keeps fantasizing about the hunks he checks into the gym. First, there`s bodybuilder Danny Lee. Duncan imagines himself worshipping Danny`s veiny muscles as he does cable pulls. Then he`s spying on Danny and bench press partner, Billy Herrington who decide to settle who`s strongest with a wrestling match. Those of you who saw WRESTLERS, asked us to pit Billy against another bodybuilder, and your wish has come true! Ripping each other`s clothes off, there`s three no-holds-barred matches, until Billy is triumphant. Both Danny and Billy finish their match with a tension releaving jerk-off. Back in the gym, it`s time for Anthony to do what he was made to do - work out naked. The camera loves every inch of Anthony`s pumped muscles as he does a dumbell workout just for you. That dampness you feel won`t be from just the sweat! And finally, Billy catches Duncan spying on the hunks and drags him into the wrestling room to teach him a lesson. It`s another clothes-ripping free-for-all until they get down to bare-assed business. And although Duncan gives it a good shot, he`s no match for Billy`s awesome strength, and submits to Billy`s powerful cock in a victory fuck. That`s right- not only does WORKOUT give you Anthony Capriati back on video, but also Billy Herrington in a good long submission fuck!

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